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ecoBRICK = economical

Many consider Brick to be the most affordable siding option both in the short term and this is especially TRUE in the long term.Brick does not warp, rot, peel, fade nor does it require chemical seals or paints. Furthermore Brick will never be destroyed by termites. Brick is maintenance free. Brick buildings last a lifetime, and we back our brick products with a 100 year warranty.

American Eagle Brick takes our high Eco-rating seriously. Our strong environmental record pre-dates other industries faddish GREEN marketing ploys. We have the data to substantiate that we are GREEN, this is why:

1. The Total energy that goes into our brick products is extremely low. A pound of clay from the earth converts into a pound of building material in the wall...their is hardly any WASTE CREATED e.g. Producing a Pound of Brick may use 90 times less energy than producing that same pound of Aluminum. [sourcehttp://www.rmmi.org/InformationCenter/WhatIsMasonry.asp ]

2. We use all local ingredients. The shale is on site. We use the Most Natural Process. Shale + Fire + Water. Furthermore the minimal waste created while manufacturing is recycled into future production.

3. Local production = No need to import materials from far away plants. Costly Diesel + Unnecessary Pollution = STRESS on Environment and Economy

4. Bricks rank the highest in Sustainability. Properly installed Brick buildings will last for centuries. Our brick carries an unrivaled 100 year Warranty.

5. Brick adds R value to a wall. Because of its' thermal mass, BRICK buildings stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer and keeping noise outside adds an unmeasurable calm to one's quality of Life (an environmental issue from a holistic perspective.) We are pleased that the BIA [ Brick Industry Association] has worked over the last 10 + years with AIA & LEEDS certification in driving home our products GREEN position. It is wonderful to see that this effort is gaining momentum with architects, builders, and consumers and also that the Green Movement is taking off in El Paso, West Texas, and New Mexico.